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LVL UP premiered single, “Soft Power” on Pitchfork today! Their new record, “Hoodwink’d” is coming September 23rd on DDW and Exploding in Sound Records!

Pre-order “Hoodwink’d” by LVL UP in our store:

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2009 me would think that 2014 me was hot and thats all that matters

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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Missingno.

Yes. Perfect.


Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Missingno.

Yes. Perfect.

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birdprinxe said: Do you have any links or tips for androgynous looks that don't fully focus on masculinity as androgyny? I'm DMAB and genderfluid and just trying to be less masculine in presentation





There is an upsetting lack of information like that out there, but I have seen it come up sometimes. I always reblog it on my main blog, but I apparently have failed at tagging it so I can find it again.  Sorry!  All I could find so far are is a resource list for trans women (not specifically for nonbinary folks):

Maybe some followers have other info or tips?  

when i’m going for the androgyny thing, in general i ask myself both “is it conceivable that this could be on a cis dude” and "is it conceivable that this could be on a cis lady." the second question is important and should always be true. the first question can be false sometimes, depending on the level of confidence you’re feeling. remember that as someone amab you’ll have to feminize in order to reach androgyny (you can’t wear plain ass neutral shit and have it be read as androgynous the way afabs can) but if you don’t quite want to cross that threshold into femininity you’ll have to mute it on some level.

  • get your jeans from the women’s section, no exceptions. they will make you look so much better but as long as they’re not frilly or something they’ll keep you out of the masculine zone without necessarily crossing into femininity, depending on the rest of your outfit
  • try muted makeup. foundation if you need it, with unexaggerated blush. try out mascara only for the eyes. lipstick (or colored chapstick) that’s close to your natural color
  • cardigans maybe. i don’t do this as much anymore, but it was good and accessible as a starting point into androgyny
  • accessorize. bracelets, painted nails, earrings. i feel noticeably different about my presentation when my nails are painted. black is a good starting point as it’s more muted
  • find women’s cut shirts, but with tame colors/patterns. this is kind of pushing it but with the right coordination you can do this without crossing the threshold. you can also try the reverse and find men’s cut clothing with floral prints or something. imo this will more often get you read as “effeminate dude,” but it’s better than man shirts. try on a floral print button up and see how you feel about that
  • get hoodies from the women’s section. do the same for anything else that’s pretty much the same between the men’s and women’s sections. the difference in look will even be indistinguishable sometimes but it will always make you feel better knowing where you got it from
  • cut the sleeves and neck lines off your t shirts. if you do this with black shirts you can take it further and into the rocker look. this rocker look can be a neat tool to feminize a little further than you may have been able to otherwise; transfeminine presentation in the rocker scene gets more commonly read as androgyny

i was in the same place for a while wrt presentation and turned out to be a lady. for me the androgyny thing was and continues to be a tool i leverage to look more how i want without getting wrecked for it by cis people. good luck

Cardigans, vests like denim vests, muted jewelry, harem pants, leggings with baggy sweatshirts (think flamboyant guy in dance class), skinny jeans, knee length socks/ soccer socks, and scarves all help strike a fashionable more androgynous look you can also play with wearing women’s specific clothes and men’s specific clothes mixed together can also create an androgynous look and also just general gender fuckery. This is what I tend to do on my lazy days

I’m hoping we can keep the dialogue going, so I’ll be sharing comments.  Thanks all!

Ahhhh thank you everyone so much!!!! I’ll hopefully have some cool stuff to share in the coming months!!

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There’s an Ultimate Warrior compilation DVD on Netflix

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here are some things that i want:

  • onion rings (the battered kind, not breaded)
  • sushi 
  • glass of chocolate almond milk
  • burger from tom wahls
  • a snuggle
  • two kisses, one on each cheek

I thought this said a Burger from Tom Waits

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I love Coffee and Cigarettes because of how awkward some of these conversations are (especially the one with Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan)

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Cleo woke up with her tail between her paws and adorably disgruntled

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why are they testing the effects of weightlessness on gecko sex

the reptilian agenda is so obvious now

stop probing for answers if u value ur life

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How long has Coffee and Cigarettes been on Netflix and how come nobody told me

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i grab my friend and yell OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VINE, my friend turns around; i am holding an excellent specimen of vitis coignetiae, we are botanists

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emergencies and support


housing, etc

clothing and appearance


communication and relationships


film, literature, zines, art, and music

we’ll update this list as needed. let us know if you have questions or comments!

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this is it this is my favorite picture of all time

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